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One Language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.


Beginners Spanish Online Course

Want to know how to learn Spanish? Kickstart is an online Spanish course designed to kickstart your Spanish conversation. It will have you speaking Spanish from the first class!

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Beginners Spanish Online Course
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Kids Area

This area is designed to help children of all ages who want to learn Spanish online. Click PLAY AND LEARN to see our free Spanish videos and games.

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Definition of VERB in English:

A word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence, and forming the main part of the predicate of a sentence, such as hear, become, happen.

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Hola, soy Sally | 'Hello I'm Sally'

I have been teaching Spanish for many years now and absolutely love my job. I am passionate about the Spanish language and about grammar, and I use my past experiences to help others to learn 🙂

Why I love Fuerteventura
Hola, soy Sally  | 'Hello I'm Sally'

After 13 years of living here I decided that it was time to go and find the secret forest in Betancuria and have a barbecue!

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Learn Spanish conversation in a relaxed friendly atmosphere!
I offer private tuition, group classes and online Skype classes and courses.

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have listed and recommended me as the best Spanish teacher for children on the island!

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Based in El Cotillo; I offer classes at your home (private, or group) and service the North of Fuerteventura.

★ Individual class | 1 hour 15€ | 2 hours 30€
★ Couples class | 1 hour 25€ | 2 hours 50€
★ Group 3 persons | 12€ per person
(plus the host, who will receive a 50% discount)
★ Skype class | 45 minutes | 15€
Beginners courses available, please contact for more information.

Become a host and save 50%

If you'd like to host a group class please contact sally to make arrangements. You could invite 3 of your friends to your home and start your own group. Or, if you'd prefer to make some new friends whilst you learn, we can arrange that too!

Spanish with Sally

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